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Regional PDR Seminar News

By On August 30, 2008 · Leave a Comment · In PDR

Chapel Hill, NC
The Chapel Hill event was taught by Tom and Dana Arcuri and was organized in less than a month by PDR Coaches Anny and Jake Jacoby, and they did an excellent job. It was a women’s only event with 25 motivated first timers who did an outstanding job. My thanks also goes to PDR Coach Bert Walker for his assistance. This course was organized in memory of Ira Yarmolenko who recently lost her life to violence. The entire BTS team sends it’s condolences to Pavel and her entire family and will continue to educate the public to help prevent further such incidents.

Watch the news report about about this course

Here are some testimonials from first time PDR students:

“I didn’t and would never have known how easy it is to use your own body as a weapon in an effective way. I have learned so much from this class. Every woman should learn this type of information. I will have this knowledge for a lifetime. This class was amazing. I would recommend it to any and every woman in the world. I hope we can continue reaching out to many more females. Please let me know if/when other courses, even high levels take place. Explanations were very thorough.”

“I felt that this was incredibly empowering”

“I really enjoyed learning how to protect myself and become more comfortable with using these techniques. This program was very helpful on teaching me how I can use my body as a weapon and not having to rely on someone else, a weapon or pepper spray. Please offer more classes here where I live.”

The Vancouver Regional Seminar was organized by PDR Coach Corey Lapell who also did an outstanding job with over 30 attendees. The group consisted of students from Corey’s club, family members and other martial artist from the general vicinity. The group was especially motivated which showed once the High Gear came out :-). Long time PDR Coach Rob Gebhart come up from Washington and was a huge help, thanks Rob.

Here are some photos from the course:

Some feedback from the New Jersey PDR Regional in May 2008:

Some more feedback:

I am a female student of Budo frma, who attended your regional PDR seminar May 3rd. Although I have had some exposure to basic PDR and the S.P.E.A.R system I found your seminar to be very informative and motivating. Your explanation of the physiology and theory behind the flinch helps me better understand how and why I would respond to a stimulus, giving me faith that my reactive brain will protect me, allowing me to convert my flinch into something tactical. Learning F.E.A.R. management and the Cycle of Behavior deeply touched and empowered me! I left giving myself permission to view all confrontations as a challenge and not a threat. Never giving the opponent undo power or skills. Having this mind set will result in more desirable decision making and ultimately a more desirable end result to any confrontation. I also thoroughly enjoyed working through the many S.P.E.A.R. strengthening and sharpening drills, reinforc ing the theory of the flinch and converting it into the SPEAR. Lastly, successfully defending myself against an attacker in the BMF using nothing more than what was taught, totally juiced and empowered me. I feel very confident that I could defend myself and my family against an attack. Thank you for a wonderful and powerful seminar. Your passion and dedication for passing on the benefits of Tony Blauer’s PDR system are evident. I look forward to future PDR seminars with you.

Thanks Again,

Feedback from the first PDR Regional in Dallas:

“This class was AWESOME!!!!! I still can’t believe what we were able to learn in such a short time. I was not really sure what to expect,especially having no martial arts background. Your teaching techniques and program are definitely geared to all. Your knowledge, passion, and belief in the S.P.E.A.R. System was received throughout the day. Although I must say I don’t know how anyone could not believe in this program. How fulfilling it must be to teach others such a valuable tool for survival. This is something you really can’t afford to miss. I feel very lucky that fate directed me to this course. Thank you Tony Blauer for creating such a program.’

Kelli (Firefighter/EMT)

“I would highly recommend The Spear System/Personal Readiness Program. Those who are learning or are proficient at Krav Maga will find the SPEAR System an excellent pre-fight bridge into maximum utilization of their close combat tool set. The focus on the mental preparation for “the fight” is typically lost in most training, but is covered in detail with the SPEAR SYSTEM. Tom and Dana Arcuri provided a great learning environment for us at Krav Maga DFW which was greatly appreciated by all attendees.”

Michael M. Kawa
TeleQuest Corporation
CPT, Infantry, US ARMY (ret.)

Video feedback from the Dallas seminar:

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