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S.P.E.A.R.™ System BMF™ Instructor Development (M/LE)

By On October 9, 2008 · Leave a Comment · In News

Blauer Tactical Systems has developed a specialized program called Ballistic Micro-Fights™ (BMF) to assist D.T., Combatives and self-defense instructors in designing realistic close-quarter confrontations for their students.

The BMF is the first organized, scientific approach to designing realistic scenarios based on real-world encounters. Through the carefully researched and focused examination of real life confrontations, including actual videos of confrontations, the BMF formula can adapt to any training scenario, system and in any environment. Performed correctly, the program empowers participants, reveals tactical or training omissions and can produce greater skill development in a shorter timeframe.

The course includes lectures, written materials, physical skills development and training drills. Upon completion of the training, the student should understand and/or correctly perform:

  1. A-SAP™ Model and its effect on scenario training.
  2. The Seven Stages of BMF™ Construction
  3. Attack Specific Drill Instruction
  4. Dissecting the Street Ambush
  5. Emotional Climate Training™
  6. Scenario Specific Replication Training

Click here for more info on advanced scenario training.


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