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By On December 21, 2008 · Leave a Comment · In Blauer's Blog

Well this is my first post on the blog…kinda cool. Ive got a couple days of work before I take off to Vegas to go see Frank’s fight. I’m very excited by this. Frank had played with the SPEAR for years as a doorman at a popular club in Vegas and was familiar with its principles and application when I first met him last year.

The first time we met ‘live’ was at STRIKING UNLIMITED where I worked with Ken Hahn, Frank’s main coach and of course Frank Mir.

Frank Mir Working Ground & Pound

Frank Mir Working Ground & Pound

It was during those few days Frank invited me back as a guest coach on the TUF show. That was a great experience and it was very cool to work with his team.

A few weeks ago Frank called me and invited me back to work Ground n Pound, SPEAR & review HIGH GEAR applications for MMA. Training went awesome. I can honestly say that Frank picked up the tactical aspects of the SPEAR Tactic faster than any other martial arts athlete I’ve worked with. As a coach, I can tell you a lot had to do with his past street & Octagon experience…when you’ve fought in those venues, and mastered the management of fear, its easy to focus on the kinematics of a tactic :-) *Frank is also a very coordinated athlete.

Anyhow, we arrive in Vegas Wednesday and will post from the road if I can get my Iphone synced up to post in real time.

Enjoy the blog, I’m going to try to stay more connected to all our students and coaches all over the world thru this technology.



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