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Fort Benning 24-7 Infantry Gets SPEAR Scenario Training

By On January 13, 2009 · 2 Comments · In army, spear, tony blauer

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This week we are at Fort Benning, the center of excellence for Army Combatives. It’s an honor and privaledge to be invited here since this is home to the Modern Army Combatives Program.
Yesterday we did our Leadership Brief for 24-7. Modern army combative (MAC) founder Matt Larsen was on hand to show his support for our research and system. Matt has been a proponent of our program foe many years and has injected small elements into some of his courses.
Last year I flew down to help support the war on terror and met LTC Axelberg and trained a bunch of his soldiers. We stayed in contact throughout the year and he was finally able to coordinate an extended training block.
Tomorrow we will have over 30 drill instructors in our course that will focus on specific scenarios to support the soldier’s mission when they deploy.
Our training supports MACP and other combative programs by focusing on Realistic, rigorous and relevant scenarios!

SPEAR coaches Tony Torres and Cliff Byerly ran them through their paces today with additional scenarios and force on force to be covered over next 2 days. More to follow.

Pictured above, some of the soldiers get introduced to the fundamentals.


2 Responses to Fort Benning 24-7 Infantry Gets SPEAR Scenario Training

  1. This is Mark Ingemi ,& Ive read the article on the training that Tony Blauer gave at Fort Benning. I am very proud to hear that Tony is spreading the SPEAR system to the troops in combat of who will be deployed in the middle east to fight. My theory of understanding of the way the training is , is that no matter what obstacles the troops face they are going to need every arsenal at they’re disposal to survive. The SPEAR system I think even though I haven’t done it yet , but I am anxious about trying it will give the edge of survival skills that the troops will need to overcome adversaries in war. Hope that made sense eough. Take care.
    Mark Ingemi

  2. Tony Blauer says:

    Mark, looking forward to seeing you at a course. The training was very well received. As we tell people in the training, the SPEAR is a bridge to your next move…the conversion of the startle-flinch is singularly the most important moment in anyone’s personal fight; all flows from there.
    Stay safe,

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