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By On February 21, 2009 · 1 Comment · In News

brendanDay in and day out, CrossFit Coach Brendan Gilliam offers CrossFit training to a growing audience, and has trained dozens of employees at ADS, Inc., one of the largest providers in the world of special operations equipment. The popularity and excitement for the classes is continuing to explode as Coach Gilliam focuses on giving them the very best fitness in the world. So far the results have been profound.

“We have been successfully teaching everyone the fundamentals of human movement and real-life fitness, enabling them with the skills to not only become capable to do things physically they once were not, but to dominate at them.”

Read more in Coach Gilliam’s own words.

According to Coach Gilliam, CrossFit is an amazing experience for us all. Getting to the high level of fitness that our athletes are reaching is a task that requires determination and intensity in each of their workouts, but the fun, encouraging, and sometimes competitive environment that we set makes getting through them something we love.

As the popularity grows and the results of our athletes move even farther forward, we will grow right along with it. We plan on taking CrossFit into the future. We are strengthening our program on a daily basis and are committed to making sure we always stay ahead of the game giving everyone nothing short of the best.

Something new, in the next week or two, the facility will get four 20′ climbing ropes. One of the best exercises that you will never find in a normal gym these days is coming to us soon. Be ready for some crazy workouts that will require you to climb up to the ceiling for reps. If this sounds scary to anyone, you have nothing to fear. We have a system that can teach even our grandparents to do it over a little time and practice.

If you have questoins, are interested in giving Crossfit at Blauer Tactical a shot, or if you would like to take a free first class, contact me at [email protected]

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