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BTS Coach Zeb Glover went to assist a TV-shoot for a U.K.-based program called “The Gadget Show.” The show’s theme focused on professional vs. amateurs in specific fields and allowed professionals to be challenged by amateurs in a couple of scenarios. Check out what happened with an Olympic medalist and HIGH GEAR!

Like every good story, there’s a twist. In this case, the amateur Ortis Deley,  could use a gadget to give him a better chance at winning as he sparred against Tony “Jaffa” Jefferies, a bronze medalist in last year’s Olympics. Deley’s competitive edge was that he could wear the BTS HIGH GEAR™ Suit.

The challenge was for Deley to hit Jefferies three times within a one-minute round. Although Deley is a black belt in Karate, it’s another deal entirely to step into the ring with a skilled pro boxer.

With Coach Glover close at the helm, Deley prepared himself by warming up on two electronic punch bag gadgets (“Slam Man” & “Counter-Punch”) which measured speed, power output and more. Coach G, a P.D.R. & S.P.E.A.R. System Coach in the U.K., helped Deley suit up in complete HIGH GEAR, and practiced a “Threshold Drill” with him and Tony to demonstrate the impact reduction qualities of the suit.

Once practice was over, Deley got in a few good hits but Jefferies won the challenge. Interestingly enough, Deley was actually able to get in the ring with such a formidable opponent, thanks to the HIGH GEAR suit.

Click here to check out more photos of the action.

The show was filmed at Ricky Hatton’s old gym in Manchester, now run by trainer Joe Gallagher.   The show will air May 18, 2009 on Channel Five in the U.K.   Click here to learn more.


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