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By On May 20, 2009 · Leave a Comment · In News

img_2745crop4Although we just had our largest PDR course ever, one student, Larry James, attended the April course and wrote us to share his perspective on the PDR course. Don’t miss our next PDR class, coming this August in Virginia Beach.

Testimonal: PDR Course
by Larry James

“I am astounded at the amount of material we covered during those three days, in order to cover that amount of material in so short of time things had to run like clock work, and they did. The drills worked together with the psychology and the physiology to, in my view, produce the most efficient and effective confrontation management system to date. The only way I can explain what, in my view, Tony Blauer did is to go back to what I know about physics. In the early 1900s, a young scientist employed by the Swiss Patent Office was doing research on Electromagnetic Fields. During that time, scientists around the world were engaged in studying the transport of light and assumed that it behaved just as any other moving physical entity. However, the young clerk make a huge paradigm shift by postulating that the speed of light was a constant. Scientists around the world dropped their jaw, let their face fall in their hands, and sat back in their chair in disbelief. That shift changed the world of physics forever.

Tony Blauer has done nothing less, he has approached self-defense as scientist and made a great paradigm shift to the way the world is, rather than what others want it to be. Our modern world today rests on what that young patent clerk (Einstein) did; Tony’s research will eventually change everywhere the way confrontation management and self-defense is taught.”

Thanks, Larry, we couldn’t have said it any better.


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