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Lean on the Road

By On June 12, 2009 · Leave a Comment · In Blauer's Blog

It’s fascinating to me how interesting my diet habits have become throughy posts ok facebook

It all started on my last trip to train UFC star Frank Mir. For no real reason I posted a picture of my breakfast and a slew of people posted comments, questions etc.

I joked that my photos were the less funny poor version of my friend Pat Sherwood’s “zone chronicles” featured by CrossFit.

Anyhow I lost a couple of pics of Frank and I training and I got one post – I post a picture of my In N Out Burger and ‘bingo’… Posts

I don’t get it but I like it – people are hungry for it (pun intended).

I’ve come to really enjoy facebook, it gives me a chance to interact with people all over the world and just keep it lite, social, spontaneous….

So here’s my dinner in NYC

And come join me on Facebook


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