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By On July 5, 2009 · 5 Comments · In tony blauer

Catching up on emails, answering questions on the Blauer Tactical blog (different than this blog) essentially having a mellow AM with my laptop some Java.

As many of you know my Facebook pages gets a lot of traffic, especially my food postings (culinary choices on the road).
But from time to time I get a chat message that turns into an
interesting dialog.  This AM I had that very experience and wanted to
share the thread with you.
*I've removed the link to the individuals name for privacy purposes


how r u tony?

10:34am Tony

good you


fantastic thanks god

sorry for english

10:35am Tony

no problem


can i ask u couple things?

10:35am Tony



first of all as a busy men how much time do u have now…?:-)

10:36am Tony

a few minutes been typing for too long as it is…sunday a, gotta pack leaving tomorrow ;_)


im out of cardio over weight where or what start training?

10:38am Tony

where do you start??



im doing little bit martial arts and biking on road

10:39am Tony

ready for the truth?? well, look down at the floor, see your feet? Now look
up look in a mirror, then tell yourself, I'm starting here & now!

there's no secret to getting in shape

eat well, exercise and rest

that's the secret. everyone makes it so complicated



i give u example

10:40am Tony

it depends on what you want from fitness

if you want to feel good and look good you don't need to do a lot. If its performance based then there's a lot more to it


my coach tell me and rest of team do a lot of belly push ups? that the name in english?

but i read that this drill is bad for your back and no good use of time…

10:42am Tony

not sure. we just say push up, do yo mean burpee? like a sprawl,push up jump

you need to be in shape and you need to watch your back

…for any exercise


lay on your back bend knees up hand behind head and bend head to the knee more or less

10:45am Tony

not sure. go to study the exercises,
get their journal for $25 for the year. Find a crossfit coach and start
training, that's for performance fitness. Like anything listen to your
body, make sure you're warmed up and stretch before & after.


cool thanks men can we talk later on?

take care friend safe travel

10:46am Tony

sometimes I have time, not usually this long. The best thing is to post on line

go to the PDR group and that way many experts can chime in


tx man for everything


That short chat spawned this blog. What's the message? 
The mind navigates the body.
  Make the decision to change your 'who,
what, how & when'
and it'll all start right then & there. 

wild card of course is process.  Why do you want to train? From
performance to vanity there's a workout for each goal. :-) The clearer you
are with the ' desired outcome', the clearer the strategy.  

Here's an example of my personal 'Fitness Hierarchy'

1. Psychological

train for a variety reasons, but the most important one is
'psychological'.  There's a direct correlate between my ability to
focus on my family and my business and how hard I work out and how
often I train
. Training hard makes me mentally tougher.

2. Emotional

I am more more relaxed and therefore enjoy life when I'm in better shape.

3. Physical

is the no-brainer and I'm not going to list out reasons for why not
being out of breath when you walk up some stairs or need to jog 50
yards to make an appointment is important (If I need to share that you
probably didn't even read this far).

4. Performance

required to do short explosive demos a few times a month.  My training
must support that requirement.  If you're a professional athlete you
need skills and the fitness to support your sport.  (Same if you're
recreational, but to a lesser degree). 
Police officer or soldier?
You're warrior athletes and while your events are less predictable, they
need to be looked at like 'events' & you need to train hard and to win! You need the conditioning to support the confrontation – a whistle or buzzer doesn't end your game! (Think
back not to far in MMA when skilled martial artists with little
understanding of proper conditioning fought.  What did you get?  Not
much.  Ya they had skill, but the pressure, fear, tension and anaerobic
requirements made them gas)

Back in the day, I used to teach 6-7 days a week, all group classes and all the
privates. My personal skill development
was never a factor.   My profession addressed,
nurtured and developed #'s 1-4.  And I did that for 20 years! Now that I'm more
involved in team building, consulting, design, programing etc., its easy to skip
workouts. (e.g.: I have a fully equipped  garage gym that rivals any Crossfit box, my facility
in Virginia Beach, Va is 28,000 feet with 16,000 feet of training area
(including bags, cage, mats, fight/shoot house & an entire Crossfit facility
built in – and believe it or not, there are days I will walk through my garage to the car,
drive to the office and never do a squat or hit a bag)

How do I make sure I work out?  Because I know 'Why'.

The only way I
will train regularly is if I plan it in my day/week/month/life.  It needs to be a
fixture and focus like eating and sleeping. The point is if you don't
have goals and the requisite map with directions to get
there, you might not ever get there.  Set the goal. And its good if the
goal makes you nervous (can I really do that?), this will engender a
little fear and therefore 'fear management'.  At the same time make
sure its also realistic, i.e. you see the outcome and the path. Then,
generate a map that will help you start and more
importantly complete your journey.


Recommended viewing/reading

SPEAR SYSTEM videos on Crossfit

Free CrossFit Journal/Intro


This chart if from our SPEAR System & PDR training, its designed to show how we all make decisions and where we get locked up.  It's also a good mental MAP to help you set any goal.  Hope it helps.


5 Responses to WHY TRAIN?

  1. Drew Price says:

    I’d go right along with that hierarchy Tony, great post.

  2. Tony Blauer says:

    Thanks Drew, appreciate the feedback.
    So many read, so few post…blogging is such lonely work :-)

  3. Pili says:

    Tony, great post. I love the fact that you walk the talk. So many in this industry don’t.
    Pilar (Pili) Grace
    CrossFit O-Zone/CrossFit 10

  4. Drew Price says:

    Tell me about it.
    I missed the weekend you guys did over here in the UK, I’m hoping you’ll be back in the UK soon.

  5. Tony Torres says:

    Great stuff T. Im glad I can see my feet :-)

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