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Fear Mir

By On July 11, 2009 · 1 Comment · In Uncategorized

Holy Shit it's here…

Walking around Vegas everyone is talking…incredible card, of course the big talk is Mir vs Lesner.

Here's my opinion: Frank is so much more complete a fighter – a true martial artist with a modern day samurai spirit and philosophy. He's fighting to test himself, the money or fame is really secondary – if Brock didn't have his size and only had to rely on technical fighting skill …. Who'd win?

Randy was beating him pretty easily until he got caught (and everyone can get caught). In some respects this is a real Davey & Goliath event even though Mir is pretty big too.

Mir is a strategist, a tactician, a martial warrior, at least for me he represents the modern martial gladiator.

I hope that the pressure gets to Lesner, I hope Mir's jab and improved striking stuns Lesner and we get to witness the evolution of MMA and a really exciting contest of Brains vs Braun.


Fear Mir Fear Mir Fear Mir

One Response to Fear Mir

  1. Tim Nelson says:

    I do not and would not doubt you Mr. T, but seems to me Frank beat himself in his head before the fight or before fight day even arrived. I think he was intimidated. If he’s as complete as you say, which I don’t doubt, he doesn’t have much faith in his training staff then in my humble opinion. I don’t think he felt ready for either of the Lesnar fights. I felt sorry for Frank, and you. If you say so, I’m sure Frank is more than capable of beating Lesnar. Iw as hoping at least, even if Franks lost, that it would be a respectable fight like Faber vs Brown. I think Frank needs to train his mind to match his physical, seems to me.

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