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MediaCardsBinderCDThis year saw major evolution and upgrades to the S.P.E.A.R. System; hundreds of hours went into rewrites and since S.P.E.A.R. 3.0 launched in December 2008, we’ve graduated 180+ trainers around the world.

The new material includes: a professionally bound S.P.E.A.R. 3.0 workbook with reading materials and a PowerPoint; a new instructor CD; and laminated media cards with color pictures of all the drills that can conveniently fit into cargo pant pockets.

If you are a graduate of a past S.P.E.A.R. Cert, and want to update your S.P.E.A.R. teaching tools, email [email protected] to place your order for the new materials. The cost is $89 for the set. To qualify, you must provide us with your full name, title and place of work, and we must verify that you have completed a full S.P.E.A.R. course before your purchase is approved.

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