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By On October 6, 2009 · Leave a Comment · In Articles

philnewYou already know what to do.

by: Phil Hughes

Not sure if you’ve read the news lately but the world we live in doesn’t seem to be getting any safer. Moving at the speed of life can lead you to a very sudden, very permanent stop these days. But how can we possibly learn everything we need to know to defend ourselves? I mean the possibilities are endless…aren’t they? And I just don’t have the time to learn.

Self Defense visionary Tony Blauer sees things a little differently. “People think that there are hundreds, or thousands of ways they can be attacked, but the only thing outnumbering them is the math. There are lots of scenarios we can be in where we could be attacked; elevators, underground parking, busy club, but the attacks are usually pretty common: a grab, a shove, a haymaker, a tackle or some kind of weapon. That’s about 90% of everything you’re going to see.” Okay, so the number is a little more manageable than first imagined but even then, how do know what to train, or even find the time?

Blauer had this to say, “When you’re talking about time you need to think about the cost. What will it cost you to train to protect yourself? Fifteen minutes a day maybe? What might it cost you if you don’t? How about your LIFE”

Hmm… 15min a day to train vs. 24 hours a day dead, got it. So now, I’ve got a few things figured out to work on and I’m making the time… where do I start.

According to Blauer the answer is, “Start with what you’ve got. You’re not going to wake up tomorrow as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you don’t need to be. The truth is you’re already wired to protect yourself. Start by writing down something you’re willing to fight to the last breath for, and use our three P’s: Keep it Personal, in the Present and be Passionate about it. There are stories of out of shape stay at home Mom’s who kicked serial killers asses to protect their kids. If you want to fight bad enough you’ll figure it out.”

Blauer continued by showing the basics of the SPEAR System™ which is based on what the untrained body does when it’s in danger…the flinch. When I was a kid we used to play games to make the other guy flinch to show how tough we were, it seems I was going about it the wrong way.

“The body’s prime directive is to protect the command center.” Blauer continues, “ When you flinch, your hands get in between the threat and your head at incredible speeds. When you think about it, that’s exactly where you want them. If you can weather that initial ‘ambush’ you can fight back. Now what you do after that is where training comes in but, you have to admit, being conscious gives you a lot more options.” Agreed…

“From there we have a program called Personal Defense Readiness, with instructors all over the world.” Says Blauer, “The tactics we teach are based on the same principles and built around movements we make every day. A horizontal elbow is the same as putting on a seatbelt.” Cool, I’ve been a driver and a passenger so I’ve done tons of reps on both sides. “Exactly.” Blauer says, “You’re already a professional, you just don’t know it. That’s the job of a PDR coach, to help you unlock the warrior you already are. Remember that Mom who defended her kids? When she was interviewed she didn’t believe she could defend herself. But she sure as hell could defend her kids. The coach’s job is to help her protect her kids, even when she’s alone.”

So about 15min a day and start with what I already know how to do. Sounds like a good investment in today’s violent economy. Especially when doing nothing could cost the rest of your life. Well, I know what I’m going to do…what about you?


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