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The Most Dangerous Predator In History…

By On May 23, 2012 · 1 Comment · In Uncategorized

Adam T Glass wrote a blog that I need to share here with you.  Its provocative.


The most dangerous predator in the history of the world is close by and possibly hunting you right now.

Never before has our planet seen such a cunning beast, one which is capable of incredible violence and wrath.

I am not taking about T Rexes, Great White Sharks, or Tigers.

I am talking about you. Me. Your next door neighbor Nancy. That nice old fellow who delivers you mail. The young girl who serves you coffee in the morning.

Here’s the full article


One Response to The Most Dangerous Predator In History…

  1. travis says:

    What a great article.thanks tony and hats off to adam. Fkn great read!

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