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Attacking Yourself

“How would you attack you?” 

When it comes to personal safety, we all have varying levels of awareness. Common wisdom suggests we watch out for bad-guys! [Scan the perimeter. Check the backseat.  Lock the doors.]

We look-out for ourselves by looking out. I think we need to look ‘at’ ourselves for the real picture.

Now think about violent crimes committed in your community (rape, muggings, aggravated assaults, robberies, etc.) – what led to the crime? Opportunity.

The “How would you attack you?” POV is a complete paradigm shift that could change everything for you or a loved one. 

Think about the concept like this: what in your daily routine makes you vulnerable? Inviting? How would an opportunistic criminal make his move? How can you adjust? By analyzing your lifestyle as a whole from the perspective of a criminal you may find holes in your personal safety plan.

Remember our Three D’s:  Detect, Defuse, Defend.  Detect & pre-empt.

Early detection improves perception speed which reduces reaction time.

Stay safe,


Theories of Victimization: Victim Precipitation, Lifestyle, Deviant Place and Routine Activities

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One Response to Attacking Yourself

  1. Adam says:

    That is certainly a good mental exercise. After that has been done, the key is being mindful in day to day life to remember how you would attack you.

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