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Happy New Year Happy New Day Happy New Moment Happy

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This picture was found on Facebook. There was no author or copyright attached otherwise I would cite the source. Kudos to the witty person who wrote it. – TB


About 20 years ago I stopped writing New Years resolutions.

I don’t even discuss New Years resolutions. 

 No judgment for those who love writing out their resolutions (check out the photo – thx Steph!!). 

 This update isn’t anything more than my philosophical POV, so take it or leave it :-) 

 Here goes:

“This year I’m going to….”

Every minute becomes every day and every day eventually becomes, “Where’d the year go?

Those who are close to me know that I monitor my self, my actions constantly – every act, every word, every email, every post, every gesture….I strive to do what’s right, as i understand ‘it’ at this stage of my life, i don’t slack on personal standards, ever.

Every day I work to better manage fear, self doubt, hesitation, procrastination and more. Every day I try to improve my position in the game of my life.

I am always working on my mind and my body, always trying to better understand who I am and how I coach myself, my family, my team.

I am human so I get side-tracked, but my moral compass is always pointing in the ‘best-intention’ direction – the obstacles become lessons, the lessons become skill sets. This creates awareness, competence then confidence as the journey progresses.

So heres a thought, if we celebrated Happy New Day or Happy New Moment we’d create a massive bedrock of self-development and the discipline to continue that practice. It’s much more Zen-ish, offers much more opportunity to grow, the changes and transitions are manageable because they’re incremental and in near real-time and I believe much more fun. And, no hang over :-)

Have a great day!


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  1. Jeff says:

    very well said !

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