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The only real fight is the one you haven’t gotten into yet…

The only real fight is the one you haven’t gotten into yet…

Think about that.

For the past 30 years I’ve asked students, athletes, coaches, trainers this question:

“Are you training for your last fight?  Or are you training for your next fight?”

*Its a path altering thought & one of my company’s pillar tenets & much to my amazement still not fully embraced or understood.

Your last fight happened. What did you learn (win or lose)?

Your next fight hasn’t happened (yet). How are you preparing yourself (or students)?  Are you re-inventing yourself?  Are you studying your opponent and the environment you’ll need to face off in? There’s so much more to it than the physical (in fact I would argue in many cases, that the physical arsenal is least important when it comes down to as its soon taking orders from the emotional/psychological systems!)

Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview for 

“The litmus test is dashboard video and CCTV,” says Tony Blauer, CEO and founder of Blauer Tactical Systems Inc. “If you look at any video of a ‘real fight,’ you never see anyone look cool, you never see anyone look technical, and you never see anyone use the techniques they learn in the academy. If you reverse engineer defensive tactics to support the fights you face, your tactics and procedures will necessarily change. When I ask who controls the fight, the first answer is that the cops do, and that is completely wrong. The level of violence is controlled by the bad guy, the location is chosen by the bad guy and the duration is controlled by the bad guy. We now have videos of bad guys fighting and we can reverse engineer our defensive tactics to combat their fighting style,” Blauer says. “When a UFC fighter is getting ready for a fight, he studies video of the guy he is fighting, preparing for the things he does. Most cops don’t study the bad guys; they train in martial arts and focus on court-defensible techniques. As a result, most training is not relevant, realistic and rigorous. Technology has kept up with the bad guys but the training is not keeping up.”

Read the full article here

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