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sudden self-defense versus martial contest

Meet Vanessa. She’s a TKD champion. As a leader and role-model in her community, an advocate for safety and self-defense she decided to email this to my company. Maybe Vanessa should watch my interview with Rodney King.

“If you’re attacked by a mob of clowns go for the juggler

source unknown 

Hopefully this will be the last of the “bully blogs“.

Jab, cross, left-hook.  One can only hope.

(If you missed the first two, and you want to read the trilogy just click here.)

Understanding the difference between sudden self-defense and martial contest.

You get a call. A close friend is taking off to travel the world – solo. He or she has agreed that self-defense is a vital skill and is willing to learn. You’re excited to share with them all you’ve learned as a (name your style/system/art). You’ve been training for years and have a wealth of knowledge. It’s Friday night, your weekend is clear. “Ok great, let’s start this weekend and we can train every weekend until you leave, when is that?”

Sunday, this Sunday. What can you show me in a day“, replies your friend.

What is real self-defense? (You may have a different definition – this is mine for better or worse):

  • Real self-defense is a confrontation you cannot avoid.
  • There is no consent. There is no preparation. It’s happening now.
  • It’s not a cooperative contest. There are no pads, mouth guards or cups. There is no referee. There are no rules of engagement.  This isn’t about who’s right, it’s about who’s left.
  • The fear is very different from performance anxiety – you can’t take a knee or tap out.
  • You don’t know if there is a ‘tomorrow’. You truly are in fear for your life.  This is fucking scary shit. No one is cavalier about what’s happening – it’s not funny in any way. You’re trying to survive.
  • Real violence always leaves a stain.

Watch this video. It’s 2 minutes.  Invest in it.

The woman you’re about to meet is a f’n hero! A legendary street fighter.  She surprised a burglar, beats the piss out of him and and then throws him out of her house.  She was violent, vicious and effective.

If you get this profound message, it could save you or someone you love. It’s embodies everything we discuss! Watch and listen and then let’s discuss what “style” of martial art she used. 

This women has more legitimate self-defense experience than most martial arts instructors.

That’s not an insult, it’s a fact. She could teach us all something about awareness, fear, fear management and primal gross-motor tactics.

Now meet Lisa Lacy: Woman’s self-defense advocate, serious martial artist and CrossFit coach.

Lisa represents what’s right in the fight. She’s a Good Samaritan who wants to live in peace. She wants a safe community and wants to share that with her friends family and community. As a female she recognizes ‘size matters’ and that she’s at a disadvantage against a bigger stronger opponent. To overcome these facts and fears she has intensely immersed herself into the martial arts and studies multiple styles. To augment her strength, she CrossFit’s, is a CrossFit Level 1 coach and recently opened a Box.

Lacy attended the CrossFit Defense course a skeptic. This is her story: 

Suppose you had just one day to expose someone you cared about to ‘credible’ self-defense concepts – what would you teach?

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