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How to Fix Fights


Who was disappointed with the Fight of the Century?  I wanted Manny to win. Did I think he won? Ya.  A little bit. Manny pressed it, but he didn’t win it decisively.  Same with Mayweather. I think he won it too. But not decisively. Sure I can appreciate Floyd’s speed and evasiveness.  But this wasn’t ‘Dancing with the Stars‘, this was supposed to be a fight. There were some good clashes. But they were very few and far between.  I think it should’ve been a draw. I respect both men as athletes,  and that was my preamble, so let’s cut to the chase and discuss how to fix these mega-fight-mega-hype- merry-go-rounds.

My theory on how to fix fighting…

So I’ve had this theory awhile on how to fix fights (not in the boxing sense of ‘fix’ :-) ) and after last night’s fight, I’ve decided to go public with it – so pass it on . Its pretty simple and would ensure we don’t sit through another sparring match and actually watch a fight (which is what we all hoped for and paid for). This format could apply to all fighting events not just boxing.

1. Ample money is guaranteed to support the training camp along with the entourage (cause we all need an entourage).
2. Winner gets paid a set amount that incentivizes them to train hard to win. The loser gets none.  No one should be paid to lose.
3. Bonuses are established for damage – like in a video game.
Lets use some figures based on the ridiculous money from last night’s revenue stream and distribute the purse something like this:
  • Jabs: 50k
  • Rights: 100k
  • Lead Hooks: 250K
  • Bodyshots 150K
  • Break nose: 5m
  • Swelling under eye: 1M
  • Cutting: 2M
  • Liver shot that causes visible wincing: 2.5M
  • Knockdown 10M
  • Knockout 20M
Penalties:  Anytime you headlock or guillotine in a boxing match it costs you 5M (how would that influence those close quarter exchanges?)
With this model you could actually lose the fight but make more money than the winner because you fought your-ass-off.  Which, incidentally, is what warriors do. After the damage is calculated and bonuses are paid, whatever is left goes to the winner. The athletes get paid to perform.  (Before someone comments that the math makes no sense, I was guesstimating the numbers very early this morning, I’m sure some math wiz could reverse engineer this based on payouts but you get the point).
Anyhow, I think this would inspire a different fight. Thoughts?
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