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active killers

“Thankfully, It is statistically unlikely that anyone will ever be involved in a violent encounter or terrorist attack. The problem, none of that matters when you are in the middle of a statistically anomalous event. Numbers are meaningless when lead is flying. If you find yourself in that situation, it doesn’t matter what you believe, how nice of a person you are, or if you are pacifist. You are in it. Before that moment comes, you HAVE to know the answer to this question: Do you want to die fighting, or on your knees?”

Andy Stumpf

Active Shooters (killer)

The average response time for the police is 5-6 minutes. A lot happens in 300 seconds.

Here are some tips for a close quarter gunfight whether you have a gun or not:

The startle-flinch works both ways. It’s physiology. Make the attacker flinch. Move now, grab and throw shit, then move again (drinks,bottles, chairs, ashtrays, clothing, fire-extinguisher, the kitchen sink.)

‘The Three C’s’


Clear: Move. If you can run to escape, run. Don’t be in front of the hole. If you’re close, WAR on that fucker. W.A.R. in this scenario also stands for ‘within arms reach’. Grab that fucker. (You can close approx. 21 feet in 1.5 seconds)

Control: If you can get your hands on the gun, the attackers arms, body, you can redirect it. Drive it to the ceiling or right into the floor. Grab the gun, hands, wrist and drive, drive, drive.

Counter: Nothing fancy. Use momentum. Disrupting balance is your goal. Don’t try a Jackie Chan disarm. You disarm the threat by attacking the attack. And stay away from the hole.

Courage is contagious.

DNF in a contest means ‘did not finish.’

In a violent attack, DNF means ‘did not fight’.

You need to fight. If the attack is on and you do nothing, you lose.

“You can’t cross a chasm in two steps.” How does that relate to a fight? It means go for it. Do something. Do it now.

The police want to stop these fuckers. Trust me they do. But you’re the first-responder in ‘your’ fight and the police are (metaphorically) your back-up.

“Don’t outsource your safety” -Jack Donovan

Train hard & stay safe!

Coach Blauer


Jack Donovan interview with Coach Blauer

Turning Yourself into a Human Weapon: Art of Manliness Interview




Aaron Jannetti will be my special guest at our annual summer camp in Las Vegas.

We will be covering situational awareness, managing fear, startle-flinch conversion (aka SPEAR).  Aaron will be running his ‘active shooter response’ course for all the attendees.  Register here.


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